"The age of exploration is not yet over!" declared the Italian alpinist Simone Moro in March 2016, after achieving the extraordinary feat of scaling Pakistan's 'Killer Mountain' Nanga Parbat. He subsequently encouraged people to interpret his successful climb as a call to action, advocating the perpetual pursuit of exploration in all areas of human life and knowledge. Today, such an appeal is more than ever stimulating, awakening a fresh desire to rediscover our spirit of exploration! Driven by this vision, the Heimtextil trade fair has sought out the materials, textures and elements that bring innovation to life and provide new creative impetus for designers.

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Today we are looking for permanent growth, through performance and profitability. Tomorrow we will be looking for calm productivity.

HOME + WORK EXPLORE THE WORK SPACE LIKE AT HOME - We will be seeking an atmosphere well-balanced between working equipment and comfort & conviviality of a home ©Office Riders

HOME + WORK EXPLORE THE WORK SPACE CALM MOBILITY - Exploration of the world will come with a new way of life: moving will become a habit, either with the possibility of working from far apart – or with a desire to change jobs as often as needed. Especially for Millennials. Kasita

HOME + WORK EXPLORE THE WORK SPACE INTEGRATE NATURE INSIDE - We are seeking to get closer to Nature to reconnect with its roots, to integrate all of its benefits inside building, to capture a better productivity. Dana Barnes – Endolith Casts


Today there is a rapid evolution of technology – for example autonomous cars. Transportation has a ‘cold’ image. An image of a technological performance with almost no sensory reassurance.
Tomorrow we will be looking for performance but associated with sensory.

TRANSPORT EXPLORE A SENSORY<br/>PERFORMANCE SENSORY TECH - Transport becomes a daily ally and is more and more connected to us: we will be seeking to bring back sensory with a nice touch. The L.A. architecture / Semi-rigid car

TRANSPORT EXPLORE A SENSORY<br/>PERFORMANCE AUTHENTIC TECH - It is a different approach to performance: we will be seeking to bring back a frame of reference with materials evocative of ancestral human know-how for everyone. Toyota Setsuna

TRANSPORT EXPLORE A SENSORY<br/>PERFORMANCE WELL-BEING TECH - Seeking to bring well-being into transportation as we become more and more mobile. Hyperloop augmented windows


Today We realize that our consumption has an impact on environment + we start to see worldwide companies as a thing we can’t really comprehend.
Tomorrow We will replace human at the heart of our activity/of our consumption.

RETAIL EXPLORE THE LEAD OF A<br/>SENSIBLE/RATIONAL BUSINESS GIVE SENSE AGAIN TO CONSUMPTION - Retailers are seeking to reconnect with their core role, which is to pick and sell. The picking part becomes the most important to give sense again to consumption, going from “indefinite choices” to “smart choices”. Formerly yes.

RETAIL EXPLORE THE LEAD OF A<br/>SENSIBLE/RATIONAL BUSINESS EXPLORE NEW NATURAL RESOURCES - A new era for energy: seeking to change the way it is produce to replace the environment at the heart of our needs. Glowee

RETAIL EXPLORE THE LEAD OF A<br/>SENSIBLE/RATIONAL BUSINESS EXPLORE INNOVATIVE RAW MATERIALS - After energy, it is a new era for raw materials: seeking to explore possibilities to keep producing in a friendly way with environment and to overcome limited resources. Pili pigments.


Today: Exploring and traveling represents a high center of interest. Competition is tough with C2C business models.
Tomorrow Exploration of the world happens in various contexts (work, long trip, simple vacation etc). We will need more elaborate living places with an increase number of services, especially in the entertainment or tailoring.

HOSPITALITY EXPLORE NEW INTELLIGENCE<br/>APPLIED TO SERVICE PERSONALIZATION - Facing a growing time away from home, we are seeking personalized living area, virtually close to our friends – as it is with social media. Declic Hotel.

HOSPITALITY EXPLORE NEW INTELLIGENCE<br/>APPLIED TO SERVICE TAILORED SERVICE IN THE FORM OF ENTERTAINMENT - Go further in personalization, by using big data and new technology in a tailored service for the traveler. Data cocktail

HOSPITALITY EXPLORE NEW INTELLIGENCE<br/>APPLIED TO SERVICE INNOVATIVE WELL-BEING - Seeking to replace innovation at the center of our well-being, accessible to travelers looking for exploration. Pillow Lung.


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